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Sonu Banerjee

A fervent gamer and an eSports enthusiast. Loves reading, watching movies and playing games of all sorts.

Valorant Episode 4 Ranking System Explained

It has been nearly a month since the first act of Valorant Episode 4 went live, and a lot of Valorant players seem to...

Genshin Impact: New Diluc and Fischl Skins Leaked

A newly surfaced Genshin Impact leak suggests that miHoYo might soon be adding new character skins for Diluc and Fischl. While a number of...

Best Build for Xiangling in Genshin Impact

If you're playing Genshin Impact for a while then you're already aware of how important it is to equip your characters with the best...

CSGO Streamer Banned After Shaving Genitals Live on Twitch

A CSGO streamer has received a suspension from Twitch after shaving his privates in front of his viewers during a live stream on the...

Former Twitch Streamer Ice Poseidon Admits to $500K Scam in Crypto Scheme

If you're a veteran member of the Twitch community, you're probably already familiar with Ice Poseidon. The former Twitch Streamer was popular for his...

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