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Are Valorant Servers Down Today? Players Report Login Issues on September 26

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Valorant players throughout South Asia and the APAC region have reported facing various issues when trying to log into the game today.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing Valorant servers go down in these regions. In fact, this incident follows the recent Valorant server outage that happened only two days ago on September 24th, when users from the same regions reported being unable to launch the game due to login issues.

While the problem was limited to login issues last time, the September 26th server outage is also reportedly rendering some players unable to access their friend list in the game.

Since the start of this issue, Riot Games has acknowledged that they’re working on a solution to fix these login problems. However, no specific time frame has been given by the developers for its resolution.

Valorant Servers Down on September 26th

If you play Valorant in EU or NA regions, then you’ll likely be unaffected with this server outage. However, players from SEA or the APAC region may have to wait for Riot to sort this problem out before they can tune into the game.

Even if you can launch Valorant and log into the game, it’s advised to avoid playing ranked games since there’s a chance that you may disconnect randomly due to server issues. Players can expect the Valorant servers to be back up and running within the next few hours as Riot is generally swift to fix these problems.

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