Are Valorant Indian servers down? September 24

Due to technical difficulties, Valorant players located in Mumbai are unable to connect to the server at this time. Riot Games is trying to find a solution as more gamers can’t play due to unexplained causes.

Players who are already participating in the game are unable to join a queue on the Mumbai servers, and other players are reporting random crashes while they are in the middle of the game. Players trying to log in to the Riot client to play the game can’t because an error prompts them to try again later.

When attempting to play Riot’s first-person shooter, players in a large number of other regions, in addition to those in Mumbai, are encountering the same problem.

Players have trouble logging in on servers located in Mumbai

To check and troubleshoot your issues, you can gather the information mostly from the official Valorant Twitter handle. The social media account is fairly active and they address the issues most often.

Players who attempt to log in to the Valorant servers are receiving an error message of unknown origin. The cause of this error is currently unknown. Riot servers have stopped responding to numerous areas.

If your issue is already addressed by the Valorant, rest assured that the server will be back up soon. Riot Games has a Service Status page for all of its titles.

A video was recently uploaded to Reddit by a user going by the name u/RomonRohit789; this was done in light of the fact that the problem also forced his teammate to exit the game. A significant number of players are under the impression that the issue is related to cloud storage space. 

According to posts made on various social media platforms, the following areas have been impacted by the problem so far:

1. Mumbai

2. Bahrain Istanbul

3. Hong Kong 1 

4. Hong Kong 2

5. Sydney 1

6. Sydney 2

There are further Valorant servers that have the potential to be impacted by this issue. Riot Games, on the other hand, has not yet devised a potential fix for this problem that could be implemented.