Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez steps down from G2 Esports as CEO

G2 Esports CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago caught social media on fire with a video of Andrew Tate. Following the backlash, G2 and the Supervisory Board came to the conclusion that ocelote would be suspended for a period of eight weeks and that compensation would be withheld during that time.

It wasn’t a good look for a CEO who just signed a female League club and pledged to diversity, but it wasn’t the final straw. Carlos chose one of the worst times to spark a scandal, as Riot was about to announce its Valorant league partners. It was decided that 30 clubs would be split among three leagues, and most people thought that G2 would be chosen for the Americas League.

Unfortunately for Carlos, G2 as a business, and its employees, Riot is taking a harsh position on social issues, especially misogyny and sexual harassment, after their legal issues, which resulted in G2 losing its spot in the Valorant league.

This caused a lot of resentment from the community, not just because G2 has a large fanbase, but also because they were in talks with American org XSET to pick up their lineup. As a result of G2 being eliminated from contention for a league spot, XSET players have found themselves without a team, and a number of players have taken to the internet to vent their dissatisfaction.

 As promised, G2 has just revealed on its Twitter account that Carlos has made the decision to step down from his job as CEO. G2 also let its supporters know that they are dedicated to diversity and inclusivity and that they do not condone misogyny in any form.

In a video that he shared on his Twitter account, Carlos broke the news that he would be leaving G2. Carlos is the founder of G2 Esports, which was formerly known as Gamers2 and he has been a part of the organization for the past eight years. In the video, Carlos reflects on his time spent at G2 and expresses that feeling.

“I will be stepping down from my CEO position. Which I know might be a shocker for some of you. This is a very hard ending to what has been an otherwise very meaningful and joyful experience”. Carlos continued, “I take full responsibility for everything that went on in the last few days”

How was G2 Esports formed?

According to what Carlos explains in his video. G2 is his project for after he retired from football, and he “bootstrapped” it with his own money.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodrguez Santiago started G2 Esports as a League of Legends team when it was first established, however, the company has since expanded into several other games. In October of 2015, the company became known as G2 Esports after undergoing a name change.

Rainbow Six Siege team for G2 participates in the European League (EUL), the top level in Europe. They won the Six Major 2018 and more. Their CS:GO team is one of the best, but most of their achievements were before the year 2020.

However, the most valuable item in G2 may be found in one of Riot Games’s other games. The League of Legends squad owned and operated by G2 is widely considered to be the finest in the Western region.