Valorant 5.06 Patch Notes: Stinger Buffs, Pearl Changes, & More

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A new Valorant patch is here, and it has brought with it a bunch of new changes to the competitive shooter. These changes that Valorant patch 5.06 has introduced to the title include some notable buffs to the Stinger, a number of important changes to Pearl, and several bug fixes and QoL improvements. 

Let’s take a look at the detailed patch notes for the Valorant 5.06 update that Riot Games has officially announced on their website. 

Do note that Valorant servers throughout the globe are scheduled to go down later today for maintenance before this update goes live. Fans can check out the specific downtimes here

Valorant Patch Notes 5.06

Here are the official patch notes for Valorant 5.06:

Weapon updates


  • Primary Fire error adjusted from 1.6 error after seven bullets > 1.3 error after six bullets
    • “Our goal for the Stinger is to feel controllable and appropriately lethal at short ranges, but currently, even in close-quarters, it can feel out-of-control. Lowering the top spread should make it feel more reliable at the appropriate range once you’ve overcome the learning curve of the recoil.”
  • Alt Fire first shot error adjusted from 0.5 > 0.35
    • “For an option that’s about being more accurate, it felt like the first shot had more variance than we’d like, especially at the ranges you’d want to use the burst fire mode.”

Map updates


Pearl is getting a handful of updates that aim to reduce some complexity and make it easier to move through a few areas for both attackers and defenders.

  • B Main – “Lowered waist-high wall on the left side of B Main so that it can no longer completely hide anyone.”
Image via Riot Games
  • Mid Shops – “Clearing this area in Mid Shops is harder than we intended. By extending the platform, we’re still keeping some of the holding power for attackers, but making it easier to push this area.”
Image via Riot Games
  • Mid Shops to Mid Plaza – “This is another spot on Mid Shops that’s proven to be painful to clear when trying to move through mid. So we’ve removed one of the corners.”
Image via Riot Games
  • Mid Top – “Mid currently favors attackers so we’ve pushed in a wall on Mid Top, to remove a 50-50 check. This should make it slightly easier for defenders to challenge mid.”
Image via Riot Games
  • A Art – “We noticed the difficulty both sides have had moving effectively through A Art. We’re simplifying the space so there are fewer areas to check.”
Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
  • B Link – “This box provides a good piece of cover for Attackers pushing B link, but it’s been tough to re-clear for defenders. We’re keeping a little attacker-side power, but making it easier for defenders to manage. The stack of boxes cover closer to the site will shift from the left side to the right, to simplify the number of angles approaching players need to consider, as well as close a difficult sightline to B Hall.”
Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
  • A Main – “Removing a cut out on the wall of A Main to simplify the space, which should also make this area slightly easier for defenders to aggro into (although really, you should hold site).”
Image via Riot Games
  • A Main to A Site – “This spot was unnecessarily tough to smoke effectively. By tightening the choke by a margin, we hope to make smoking easier and give a small buff to defenders (i.e, a new utility spot). The cubby on the right will also shrink slightly to keep it from being too deep.”
Image via Riot Games

Social updates

  • Disruptive gameplay-based behavior indicator
    • Riot introduced a feature that will show at the end of the game screen, which players have been detected for engaging in disruptive gameplay-based behavior.
    • This has been added to the following game modes: Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Replication, with more game modes to follow in the near future.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with KAY/O’s Zero/point sometimes incorrectly displaying enemies that were hit on KAY/O’s UI


  • Fixed a bug where Clutch Mutes would persist after the match ended
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to respond to a whisper by clicking on the Riot ID of the player who sent the whisper in Chat
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Social Panel to close when right-clicking into the Friend Note text field
  • Fixed a bug where pending invites would not disappear after all friends have left the Party
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect system message was sent when accepting a friend request via the Match Tab in-game