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How to register for Fortnite Reboot Rally?

Previously, Epic Games tried to make Fortnite players come back who are not playing the game for a long time. For that, the developers offer a bunch of rewards to those players. Now, Epic has released another Reboot Rally in Fortnite.

Selected gamers will be able to earn rewards by playing Fortnite with friends. The rewards can be earned by both of them.

How to register for Fortnite Reboot Rally and get rewards?

To become eligible, two types of players are needed. One should be an active player while the other one should be a new player or someone who is playing the game after a long time.

If you are an active player, you will be able to view who is qualifying as a returning or new player from your friend list. Click here to register for the event. More than one friend can also participate. However, at least one player should be new or returning.

After that, you have to complete special tasks with your friends. The tasks will provide points to redeem the following rewards for you and your friends:

  • 50 points: Barb-B-Q Emoticon
  • 100 points: Freshly Forged Wrap
  • 150 points: Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe
  • 200 points: Fiery Descent Glider

Note: All Reboot Rally quests don’t need the same friend. You can complete the quests with other friends as well.

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