Popular Twitch stream Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has announced that she is officially a PlayBoy model now.

PlayBoy is arguably the most popular men’s Lifestyle magazine out there, and Amouranth just became a model for them, which definitely is an announcement that will “blow your socks off”.

In a Tweet, she teased a special announcement that will drop in once the post reaches 400 likes, which is a pretty low bar given her fame. “For 400 likes on this post I’ll blow your socks off with an announcement TODAY going once, going twice” she said.

This tweet was followed by another where she claimed to be a PlayBoy model, on an official basis. However, the claims only come from her side, PlayBoy hasn’t made an announcement or dropped a press release addressing the same which in case signing a new model, they do.

If what she claims is true, then it will be a huge step forward for her, given PlayBoy will grant her more mainstream exposure and with their resources, Amouranth can get involved in several ventures which will be interesting to see.