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MLBB x Jujutsu Kaisen Event: Returning Skins, Rewards, and More

The MLBB community is buzzing with the announcement of the returning MLBB x Jujutsu Kaisen event. Players can expect popular skins, rewards, and some exciting changes to the game.

A Complete Guide to Mobile Legends Ranks: From Warrior to Mythical Glory

Moonton’s popular MOBA title, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm. One of the core aspects that keeps players...

Falcons Esports announces Women’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Team

Falcons Esports, a burgeoning force in the esports landscape, has recently expanded its competitive reach by acquiring a women's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)...

MPL PH Winners List (2018-Present): Every Champion Crowned

The MPL PH has crowned a new champion in Season 13! Dive into the complete history of the league, exploring every winner from 2018 to today, and relive the most iconic moments in Filipino Mobile Legends esports.

Mobile Legends 100 Diamond Epic Skin Event Bug (and Get Your Free Skin!)

Calling all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) players! Did you encounter the recent bug with the exciting 100 Diamond Epic Skin event? Don't worry,...

Mobile Legends Karina Guide: Build, Skills, and Strategies

Karina, the formidable assassin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Known for her ability to...

IESF 2023 WEC MLBB: Schedule, Groups, Fixtures, and More

The 15th International Esports Federation World Esports Championships (IESF 2023 WEC) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is on the horizon, bringing a monumental clash...

MLBB New Hero Leaked by Data Miners: A Sneak Peak at Cici

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) enthusiasts are in for a treat as data miners have recently leaked intriguing details about an MLBB new and...

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S8UL Expands GTA RP Roster with New Gaming Creators

One of the leading esports and gaming organization S8UL...

UFL Surpasses 1.3 Million Players in Beta

UFL, the soccer game with Cristiano Ronaldo's backing, is here to compete with the long-reigning EA FC (formerly FIFA). But can UFL's focus on fair play and skill-based gameplay steal the crown?

XDefiant Update Y1S0.4: Faster Weapon Progression, Bug Fixes & More

XDefiant just received a hefty update, and it's all about making your gameplay experience smoother! The Y1S0.4 patch introduces faster weapon leveling, attachment accessibility, and bug fixes. Get ready for Season 1 with a new faction, maps, and fresh weapons

GTA Online Summer Update to Be Released on June 25

The sizzling Summer Update is upon us, brimming with exciting new content. Become a vigilante bounty hunter, unleash the power of the Overflod Pipistrello supercar, and unlock exclusive benefits for GTA+ members. Dive into everything we know about this action-packed update

xQc Defends Kick From Ex-employees Allegations

The streaming world is abuzz with drama! xQc jumps to defend Kick.com after a former employee accuses the platform of fostering a hostile work environment and manipulating streamers' health issues. Is xQc telling the truth, or is there more to the story?