Friday, October 30, 2020


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Opinions on the New CSGO Pro Team Roster Changes

Many teams this year have been doing many changes in their rosters and this is my opinion on how this can effect and change...

Valve muscles their coaching policy

Valve today addressed to the outrage on their newest coaching policy, strengthening its existence and confirming that they will not be rolling it back....

Valve’s new policy restricts coach participation

In an email earlier this morning sent out by Valve to ESL, and then been communicated to certain organizations and players, Valve has supposedly...
ESL Pro League Season 4

Evaluating the Top Teams at ESL Pro League Season 4: Europe

The ESL Pro League Season 4 is approaching; the league featuring the world's best teams split into two different leagues, Europe and North America,...
Second Shot

Second Shot introduced by Valve in the latest update, changes accuracy and shooting

Valve pushed a major CS:GO update a couple of hours ago which is by far one of the most important and game changer in a...
ESL India Premiership Challenger #1

The winners and losers of Day 1 at ESL India Premiership Challenger #1

ESL India Premiership kicked-off with their regular announced Challenger series today and we have the complete report of the development on the very first...
When there's light, there will be hope.

Dream of fans shattered as India knockedout to HongKong 0-2 at TWC 2016

It was an opportunity for Indians to get four-squared into the eSports map of Asia, but once again the result of the match wasn't...

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