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ESL India Premiership

ESL , the world’s largest esports company, in association with NODWIN Gaming, India’s flagship esports organization, is set to present India’s first annual tournament series, the ESL India Premiership. The event will host six online cups and three mega LAN events throughout the year, while boasting a monumental prize pool of over US$64,000, which amounts roughly INR 42,00,000 rupees in cash prizes.



ESL India Premiership 2020 announced with PUBG Mobile and FIFA 20

India’s longest running esports league is set to kickoff from 25 May. The flagship esports league assures year long esports action with...

Signify wins ESL India Premiership Summer Season LAN Finale

The Finals of the ESL India Premiership Summer Season LAN Finale took place between Team Entity and Signify. Signify, the team which...

ESL admits player used cheat in the finals, investigations underway

Earlier this week, a report by Spieltimes suggested that ex OpTic India player Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat had been found using the same cheats at...

Invictus pull off the impossible; complete comeback over Entity to win the ESL INDIA...

Invictus completed a comeback of gargantuan proportions. Down 1 map and 4-12 in Nuke, the Hyderabadi stack not only took nuke,  but ran over...

Entity overcome Brutality, Invictus style on 2ez

Brutality and Entity met each other in the first of the semi-finals, with Dust2, Cache, and Overpass the maps emerging from the veto. The...

ESL India Premiership – Preview

The Summer phase of ESL India Premiership is all set to move to its final stage at the Dublin Square inside Pheonix Market City,...

ESL India Premiership 2018 – Prizes, dates & more details

With all ups and downs, the online phase of Summer Season of ESL India Premiership - Masters League comes to an end. Out of...

ESL announces INR 1 Crore prize pool for Premiership 2018

ESL has announced a massive prize pool for the forthcoming season of ESL India Premiership 2018. The event will run for nine months, which...

ESL India Premiership Summers – Meet the top contenders

The audience, gamers, and professionals are knocking at the door of ESL India Premiership Summers finale. The expectations are soaring high and the temperature...

Risky Gaming procure victory at ESL Masters 2016

Risky Gaming, the guest invite from UAE have successfully grabbed the title of ESL India Masters 2016. They go home with Rs. 5,00,000 INR...

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