Risky Gaming will face Invisible Wings at ESL India Masters 2016 grand finals

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Risky Gaming has successfully leveraged upon the double elimination format; will face Invisible Wings at the grand finals of Masters 2016. Risky Gaming defeated Dare2Dream 2-0 (de_cbbl 16-4, 16-9) in the best of three elimination match.

The first map of the series, Cobblestone was rather a shock for the Indian side as it seemed as if they got caught off-guard by the Dubai army. Although winning the first three rounds at the start being on the less favored side, D2d were getting picked one after another.

After winning eight straight rounds in a row, Risky Gaming were prevented by a round with Excali’s supreme play. And that was it for the D2d side for the entire map. They only were able to win a single gun round. The map ended with Risky Gaming winning another eight rounds in a row. Cobblestone was a depressing start to the best of three elimination series for D2d, 16-4 was the final score.

The second map of the series, Mirage began with a messy strategy of D2d which made them dropping the c4 way behind the desired bombsite. Breaker in the meantime was able to spot the c4, which resulted in Risky grabbing the first pistol round. After losing two more eco rounds, D2d managed to get off the mark by winning the first gun round which rose their drowning hope. Besides, it wasn’t enough as Risky Gaming got another quad, marking the scores at 8-1.

Antidote’s opening on the B bombsite and Excali’s amazingly well clutched an almost impossible round got D2d back in the game. The map’s first half ended way far than worse as D2d managed to get six rounds on board. 9-6 was the score at the end of the first half.

The second half of the game looked slopy from D2d; they failed to get even a single round whereas D2d took their lead ahead to 12-6.

It was GreeNz all over again, 51 kills in two maps

The nineteenth round, the largest gun round of the map was comfortably enough towed by Risky Gaming in their favor, forcing D2d to settle at the close round, once again. The score further looked amicable at 14-6, after they lost the economic round. HellRanger’s 3K kept the dreams at 15-7.

Antidote’s heroic 4K AWP single-handedly shut Risky Gaming and extended their breathing space with another round. Another round on the board was secured by D2d as they successfully re-took the B bombsite by the likes of Excali and Kav1sh.

Dreams shattered as Risky Gaming closed the matchup by finishing the game in style. Breaker sliced HellRanger to finish things off at 16-9. Dare2Dream, in the end, were only able to win 13 rounds in total in both the maps combined.

Risky Gaming will face Invisible Gaming tomorrow at the grand finals of ESL Masters 2016.

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