InvisibleWings makes it to the finals of ESL Masters 2016

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ESL Masters 2016 commenced it’s third day of the juncture. The first game of the day, winner bracket finals between InvisibleWings and Dare2Dream was won by Invisible Wings 2-1. Invisible Wings now advances to the grand finals of ESL Masters 2016; will face the winner of loser bracket finals between Risky Gaming and Dare 2 Dream.

The first map of the series, Dust2 started with Invisible Wings on the favored side of the map, they continued the dominance until 9-2. Antidote was the first to turn the tables by getting a quad kill on an eco round against riflers. The scores went on to 3-9 but Excali yet again grabbed a quick 3K and made the scoreline look less absurd 4-9.

HellRanger’s 3K stoned the scores for the first half of 9-6 in favor of Invisible Wings. D2D were quick to respond by clinching the pistol around and a following anti-eco but only to get decimated by Ritz single handedly on two multiple occasions. RiTz stole the show by taking six important frags consecutively in two rounds, making the scoreboard 11-9.

Hope’s were still alive but not for long as Psy’s determination came into play; he clutched an amazingly impossible 1v3 against the strongest members of D2d, in a post-plan scenario which strengthened the scoreline to a 14-9 strong lead. Antidote’s 2K quick entry at a-long couldn’t do much as they fell short of 4 rounds finally with scores 16-12.

The second map, Mirage was possessed by D2d in the very begining of the map. They were quick to grab the regular triple rounds after winning the pistols. Kappa, however, came to the rescue with 3K which ticked the scoreboard for IW 3-1. Followed by Manan’s 3K, the scores tied at 3-3. And from thereonwards, D2d looked confident enough to have settled the scores at 10-5 strong lead on the less favored T side.

Even though losing the second pistol and a couple of more, D2d’s establishement to win the map further apprehended the scoreline to 15-9 with 6 secured matchpoints, which, was unused for as the game ended 16-9.

The third and the final map of the series, Train, is practically looked at IW’s best map. Although it was chosen by D2d’s IGL, HellRanger, the map favors Invisible Wings and they’re known to be the champions of Train and its cheeky corners.

Invisible Wings landed on the slightly less-favored T side of the map, nevertheless, won the pistols and the following rounds. Kav1sh’s dynamic play got D2d their first round. The scores went on to look like an even game when the matchticker showed a 6-4 lead towards InvisibleWings. Stepping into flames to get a 3K was Excali, who diminished the lead by a round. The scores finally halted at 9-6 favoring IW.

No doubt about the apprehensive approach D2d were going through when IW picked up their level and won a couple consecutive rounds to make the scoreline strong at 15-10. Invisible Wings started to feel the heat when HellRanger picked up a triple and clutched 1v2 in the following round which forced them to an eco with scores 15-12. Another two of those rounds in momentum made the scores 15-14 and the posibility to introduce overtime in this mega affair.

Similarly of what we witnessed yesterday when PeXxer pulled off a massive triple kills in an important round, Psy somewhat replicated the heroics and impractically got a tripple kill from over upon a train with an UMP against riflers in the final-most important round and their map and match point. Yes, that’s how complicated it was!

The game ended in favor of Invisible Wings quite convincingly to say the least. Although Dare2Dream were only short of a single round in the series with scorelines 40-41.

Dare2Dream will face Risky Gaming very shortly in a best of three decider match which will determine the second finalist of ESL Masters 2016.

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