Risky Gaming procure victory at ESL Masters 2016

Risky Gaming, the guest invite from UAE have successfully grabbed the title of ESL India Masters 2016. They go home with Rs. 5,00,000 INR / $ 7400 USD and a handsome trophy. Risky Gaming beat Invisible Wings 2-0 (16-9 dust2, 16-6) in the best of three grand finals affair.

Invisible Wings’s pick Dust2 was the first map of the series. Risky Gaming started on the favored t side, and after winning the first three rounds, they continued their dominance and closed off the first half quite comfortably at 13-2.

Three more rounds were won by Invisible Wings making the score 13-5. A several more rounds here and there resulted for the home-team, but eventually, they departed d2 with 9-16.

The enthusiastic crowd over at the juncture.

The second map, de_train started with Risky Gaming playing on the CT side. Similarly, after winning the first three rounds, they lost the first gun round with Psy’s heroics – yet again -. Breaker didn’t stop walloping IW as he kept on securing the inner bombsite on his own with another three kills, the scores looked 5-1 at the end of six rounds. The story continued even further for a couple of more rounds making it 8-1.

Psy’s another triple made the scores 9-2, and another round of RiTz standard play halted the score at 12-3. The second pistol round was, however, possessed by Invisible Wings with the like’s of a stellar performance by RiTz, and a couple of more anti-eco’s made the scores a little less uncomfortable to the eyes at 12-5. The first gun round of the second game was yet again a disappointing show of lack of skills on the Indian side as Risky Gaming’s t0ks destroyed the ct’s guarding the outer bombsite. Risky Gaming’s supremacy further engraved their aspiration to win as they took the scoreboard to 14-5.

Osman’s attempt, though, to clutch the round 1v3 and to plant the c4 at the outer bombsite was miserably abandoned as he failed to plant the c4 on time. That misplay from Osman served as an incentive to Invisible Wings as the score furthered at 14-6. Ritz’s inability to defend the inner bombsite allowed Risky Gaming to quickly mantle the match point with nine rounds lead to 15-6.

Invisible Wings surrendered their dreams at 16-6.

Looking at Risky Gaming’s journey at the ESL India Masters. They came all the way from the loser brackets to eliminate Dare2Dream, Overcome, and finally Invisible Wings from the tournament and conquer the championship. They entitled themselves as the Masters of ESL India Premiership, which is slightly disappointing and indeed ironical.

Breaker from Risky Gaming was named the best IGL of the tournament by the analyst Prashant ‘Aequitas’ Prabhakar.  The award for the MVP of the tournament was convincingly handed over to GreeNz from Risky Gaming. Antidote was named Rookie Player of the year.

Vinay Shetty from ASUS handed over the awards to the runners-up and the champions.

  • Risky Gaming – Rs. 5,00,000 INR
  • Invisible Wings – Rs. 1,50,000 INR
  • Dare2Dream

Today’s display of the show proves once again that Counter Strike is exceedingly and immensely a game of team play and coordination. Invisible Wing’s Psy did all he could to keep the ball running, and it wasn’t just good enough against the tacklers from UAE. Risky Gaming’s sheer dominance and their display of sync leave several lessons for the Indian players to absorb. We do have the sufficient talent to make ourselves up and fight among the SEA level. We lack conviction. All that needs to be done is trust our conscience and continue hardworking.

We wish Risky Gaming all the very best for their future endeavors and wholeheartedly congratulate them on winning this title. Their addition to the list of the participants inevitably rose the level of our competition and the liberty in the community.