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Signify wins ESL India Premiership Summer Season LAN Finale

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The Finals of the ESL India Premiership Summer Season LAN Finale took place between Team Entity and Signify. Signify, the team which disbanded their operations citing conflict of interest made their way to the finals after a quick 2-0 victory over Global Esports on Inferno and Train.

Both the maps had a 16-7 scoreline. Entity paved their way to the finals by beating Wings in a thrilling series which required only two maps. Mirage, the first map of the game, was pushed to overtime and eventually saw Entity taking it with a scoreline of 19-17. Train, the second map, saw Entity dominating the underdogs and won with a 16-1 scoreline. Thus, advancing to the finals.

The finals of the event were played on Overpass, Inferno, and Dust after the following vetoes:

  • Signify removed Mirage
  • Entity removed Nuke
  • Signify picked Overpass
  • Entity picked Inferno
  • Signify removed Train
  • Entity removed Vertigo
  • Dust2 was left over

The finals saw Signify emerging victorious after the following scores:

  • Signify win Overpass with a 16-6 scoreline
  • Signify win Inferno with a 16-4 scoreline

The first map of the event was Overpass, picked by Signify. The map saw Signify completely dominating Entity. Signify kicked off the T-half in style and limited their opponents to only 2 rounds in the CT-side. The half ended with a 13-2 scoreline. Entity was hoping to pull the map back but nothing worked in their favor. They conceded the map with a 16-6 scoreline.

The next map, Inferno, saw Signify kicking it off on the T-side in style. They took up the pistol round in their favor of the back of a stellar 3k by DEATHMAKER. They then extended their lead to 3-0 before Entity was able to tie scores at 3-3 after a brilliant 1v3 clutch by SnrLx put the first round on board for Entity. However, Signify dominated the rest of the rounds and pulled out 11 rounds at the half, limiting Entity to 4 rounds.

In the second half, Signify came out will all guns blazing the second half and pulled out the pistol round in their favor. Rite2ace added to Entity’s woes after pulling out an ACE in the following anti-eco round. Signify extended their lead by picking up the first buy round and the round, pushing themselves to map and championship point. Entity was not able to break the hold their nerves in the post plant situation. The retake was successful and Signify were crowned as champions at ESL India Premiership Summer Season LAN Finale.

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