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India Considers Stricter Online Gaming Regulations to Combat Addiction

Could India soon see tighter restrictions on online gaming? The government is exploring new regulations, potentially limiting playtime and spending, in response to growing concerns over gaming addiction.

Velocity Gaming Reenters Valorant with Ex-Grayfox Squad

Velocity Gaming has announced its re-entry into the Valorant competitive scene by signing the former roster of GrayFox Esports.

BGMI Ban: Indian Government Scrutinizes Data Security Amid Cyberattack Concerns

The future of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) remains uncertain as government officials express serious security concerns surrounding the game. According to a report by...

Krafton Backed Loco Lays Off 36% of Workforce

Loco, a prominent game streaming platform, recently faced such a crossroad. The company's strategic adjustments and their impact on its workforce reflect the broader...

KRAFTON India partners with JioCinema to live stream BGIS 2023

In a groundbreaking move, KRAFTON India, the mastermind behind BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), has teamed up with JioCinema, the leading OTT platform in India....

Regaltos Explains Why He’s Not Playing with Team Veterans

In the dynamic world of esports, change is the only constant. One such change has recently been witnessed in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)...

S8UL Esports Gaming Festival: All the Details You Need to Know

In a groundbreaking move, S8UL Esports is set to redefine the Indian gaming landscape with the launch of the much-anticipated S8UL Festival. S8UL Festival...

Madhya Pradesh to Launch India’s First Esports Academy

In a groundbreaking move, Madhya Pradesh, a state that has recently emerged as the sports hub of India, is set to launch the country's...

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This Neon Buff is ‘Not Intended’ and Will Be Nerfed, Valorant Dev Confirms

The latest Valorant patch brought significant changes, but an unintended Neon buff stole the show. Find out how her aerial accuracy reached new heights and why Riot is scrambling for a fix.

What Is the Potential Value of Team Spirit Star Donk?

Considered one of the best riflers in the world, donk's potential has attracted attention from top CS2 teams. However, acquiring him from Team Spirit won't be easy. The organization has reportedly set his buyout price at a staggering $5 million.

IShowSpeed’s Ex-girlfriend Reveals a Surprising Fact About Their Relationship

Rumors are swirling around streaming giant IShowSpeed and TikToker Amy Flam. While their interactions were initially perceived as content, Flam recently revealed a deeper story, suggesting genuine feelings and uncertainty surrounding Speed's intentions.

Don Toliver x Fortnite Collab: Release Date, Leaks & What to Expect

Fortnite is at it again with another exciting collaboration, this time with musical artist Don Toliver! Rumors are swirling about a custom Creative map called "Hardstone" and a potential release date in June. Read on to learn more about this exciting crossover event.

CS2 Community Expresses Mixed Reactions Over Cheating Issues

Counter-Strike 2 launched with high hopes, but many players are claiming the cheating situation is worse than in CSGO. Will Valve address these concerns with a new anti-cheat system?