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BGMI Ban: Indian Government Scrutinizes Data Security Amid Cyberattack Concerns

The future of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) remains uncertain as government officials express serious security concerns surrounding the game. According to a report by News18, a top official in India’s cybersecurity division has reportedly advocated for the game’s discontinuation, raising alarms about potential cyberattacks and compromised national security.

Factors Raising Red Flags

  • Foreign Influence: The recent case of Seema Haider, a Pakistani national who entered India allegedly after meeting her partner through BGMI, has heightened scrutiny.
  • Data Concerns: Authorities question the game’s data collection practices and potential misuse of user information.
  • Server Links: Despite servers located in the US, agencies want to ensure no data movement to servers in other countries, particularly China.

Krafton’s Response and Upcoming Review

Krafton has been queried about the concerns, and their response is awaited. A pivotal meeting next week will see Krafton present its defense, followed by a central agency review that will ultimately determine BGMI’s fate in India.

Previous Ban and Unbanning

  • Initial Concerns: BGMI was initially banned in India due to cybersecurity and data privacy issues.
  • Temporary Unblocking: Following security enhancements by Krafton, the game was temporarily unbanned last year.
  • Ongoing Scrutiny: Concerns about user safety and addiction remain, fueling the current government review.

Awaiting a Final Decision

The coming weeks will be crucial for BGMI’s future in India. The government’s decision will consider Krafton’s response, the potential risks, and the overall well-being of players.

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