Photo via Android Authority

A minor in Thane, Mumbai stabbed his 19-year-old elder brother multiple times with a pair of scissors for scolding him multiple times while playing PUBG Mobile. The 15-year-old stabbed his brother Mohammad Shaikh to death after Mohammad tried to stop him from playing PUBG Mobile said the police.

According to PTI reports, Senior police inspector Mamata D’Souza said that the minor allegedly in fit of rage banged Shaikh’s head against the wall and then repeatedly stabbed him with a pair scissors after being scolded repeatedly for playing PUBG Mobile.

Mohammad Shaikh was rushed to nearest government hospital after the incident was discovered. Shaikh was declared brought dead due to excess loss of blood.

Police have registered a case against the minor under section 302 (Punishment for murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

This isn’t first time when PUBG Mobile was cause of violent outburst in teenagers  which resulted in death (suicides) or murder. Recently, WHO had also called gaming addiction as a mental disorder. The game is very popular in India  and has been considered to have caused many similar incidents in past. However, it is important to consider that any other game can also have similar negative impact on kids.

Parents should consider keeping an eye on their kids and should teach them to play in moderation. Parents should also encourage kids to try other activities and develop some other habits which will also keep them fit and healthy.