Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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OnPoint is our technical and strategic take on the development of the scene. Experts on our desk observe things pretty closely and provides inputs about the game and the scene.

Valorant might be brewing the destruction of CSGO by taking over its pros

You have definitely heard about a new superhot first-person shooter in town. No, I don't mean Call of Duty Warzone although that's...

In a conversation with a CSGO cheats provider

Its past eight weeks of total lockdown with no hope for a vaccines of COVID-19, I'm not sure what the future would...

CSGO Won’t Fade, But Valorant Will Be Brighter

Okay okay, don't form an opinion of this report as untimely or premature. This is not an aftermath, but an assumption based...

Biggest Scandals in CSGO History — Pros Hacking, Match-fixing & More

Hitting new average concurrent players this year, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is more lively than ever since its inception. The game has seen...

All Eyes on Fnatic vs NiP at ESL Pro League Season 11

The most favorite, hyped and anticipated battle of Counter Strike is always between the Swedes. Fnatic faces NiP at the pre-group stages...

The Complexity Juggernaut is not a Meme anymore

Complexity have brushed off the Meme tag after their performances at BLAST Premier Spring Series. How far can they go?

Can the new Dignitas roster return to their long lost glory?

Can the newly formed Dignitas prove to be the second coming of the legendary NiP lineup?

Watch Out For These Five Teams At StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 – New Challengers...

The fifteenth CS:GO major is right around the corner as Berlin is all set to host the most prestigious event of Counter-Strike....
fnatic brollan

Brollan: The Swedish front runner doing the magic for Fnatic

The newest name on every fnatic fan’s chattering, Ludvig 'Brollan' Brolin has been doing well to prove his talent on the big...

How can Na’Vi topple the mighty Astralis?

The mighty Astralis asserted their superiority over Natus Vincere in clinical fashion when they met at BLAST Pro Series Miami on...

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