Brollan: The Swedish front runner doing the magic for Fnatic

fnatic brollan
Photo: HLTV

The newest name on every fnatic fan’s chattering, Ludvig ‘Brollan’ Brolin has been doing well to prove his talent on the big stage and for a big organization. Perhaps, the prodigy started his career with an all Swedish project called passions, wherein he surprised everyone.

A 15-year-old dominating everyone on the server against people well above his age is nothing new in CSGO. But, to do that in a competitive setting is something that is not easily seen in the circuit. So naturally, when Brollan played for passions in online events, he caught everyone’s attention.

Passions though, was not the best platform for him, with Brollan only playing against Tier 3 teams and not being able to perform well on LAN either. The 15-year-old then received a golden chance with Godsent taking the youngster in.

The Swedish prodigy found a comfortable environment and seemed to learn from the established pros alongside him. Brollan posted just three sub-1.00 rated events among 17 events while representing the player-owned organization that was formed by pronax.

After a brief stint with Red Reserve, Brollan was part of the Swedish shuffle again. The Fnatic chance was always going to come. But, to receive it at such an early age was a surprise, especially alongside Major winners like JW, Krimz and Xizt, who are all considered legends of the Swedish scene.

With an IGL like Xizt to guide him and players like JW and Krimz to learn from, Brollan’s current trajectory was almost expected. But, the immediateness of his progress has caught everyone by surprise, pleasantly so for Fnatic.

Photo: HLTV

His very first tournament saw him being jump straight into action. Fnatic managed a top four finish at IEM Chicago 2018, with a bo3 win over Liquid and a closely fought 3-map series defeat to Astralis in the semi-finals.

Brollan then went on to lift his first trophy, with Fnatic winning the PLG Grand Slam 2018. Since the win, the Swedish giants have sealed three more decent results, with the latest a second place at IEM Sydney 2019, losing in five maps to Liquid in the Grand Finals.

The event saw one of the best 3-map series in a while, with Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic renewing their local rivalry in Australia. Brollan, along with Rez, were the stars of the series, with the youngster showing that he is ready to step up when Fnatic need him to.

Photo: HLTV

Brollan is the second-highest rated player within the current Fnatic lineup with an average HLTV Rating of 1.08 in all events. But, what has been particularly refreshing is to see the youngster cope with the big stage and big moments on the server, with Fnatic also showing signs of returning to their former glory with this lineup after disappointing results with recent iterations.

The Counter-Strike world is Brollan’s oyster and it seems Fnatic is finally helping him break out from his shell and shape him into the pearl he can be.

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