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IEM Sydney

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Brollan: The Swedish front runner doing the magic for Fnatic

The newest name on every fnatic fan’s chattering, Ludvig 'Brollan' Brolin has been doing well to prove his talent on the big stage and...

Fnatic to face Liquid at finals of IEM Sydney 2019

The semi-finals of IEM Sydney 2019 brought massive action at the table. Team Liquid dominated MIBR and advanced to the finals with 2-0 scoreline...

NiP, fnatic deliver game of the year at IEM Sydney 2019

The Swedish Counter Strike presented an epitome of their performance in Australia. Decade-old rivals Ninjas in Pyjamas & fnatic awe'd fans in the quarter...

FaZe claims IEM Sydney 2018

The European superteam has won the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney pretty convincingly after taking down Astralis 3-0 in the best-of-five grand-finals. FaZe picked up...

TyLoo progresses to the playoffs, SK drops out

Intel Extreme Masters, Sydney 2018 opened the doors of the $250,000 today. The second installment of the event had a quite interesting start of...

What to look around for at IEM Sydney 2018 – Viewers Guide

Intel Extreme Masters, Sydney 2018 is about to begin in a few days, with the world’s best CS:GO teams coming together in Australia for...

ESL confirms D2 in place at IEM Sydney and EPL Season 7 Finals

Earlier today, ESL has announced that Dust II will be replacing Cobblestone in the active map-pool for their future events starting with Intel Extreme...

Fnatic and NA`VI invited to IEM Sydney 2018

After Na`Vi, Fnatic received the last invite to the main stage of Intel Extreme Masters 2018 - Sydney. The $250,000 event will open its doors on 1st of...

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Dr Disrespect Refutes Claims That Twitch Ban Was for Inappropriate DMs to Minor

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