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NiP, fnatic deliver game of the year at IEM Sydney 2019

The Swedish Counter Strike presented an epitome of their performance in Australia. Decade-old rivals Ninjas in Pyjamas & fnatic awe’d fans in the quarter finals of IEM Sydney 2019.

Fnatic finally beat NiP 2-1 in the series, but the scores won’t tell you the full story of the game.

The impressive display of skills, experience & new talent proved once again that Sweden is byfar the home of Counter Strike. The likes of Gtr, F0rest, Dennis, JW, Krimz, Xizt tells a lot of about the experience in the game. Not to forget the firepower of the new talent REZ, Brollan, twist & Lekr0.

f0rest was just sigh of 6 frags from the 100-mark. Epic powerpack performance by the Counter Strike legend.

The quarter-finals of IEM Sydney was byfar the premier best-of-three series of Counter Strike pro series in 2019. Statistically, this was the only series in the history of IEM Sydney to have over 100 rounds (115 to be exact) in 3 maps in one single series.

Perhaps, if you’re not following IEM Sydney 2019, you should still watch this game.

If you’re a Counter Strike fan, you wouldn’t want to miss this series, head over to the ESL Counter Strike YouTube channel to experience the masterclass by Swedish Counter Strike.

IEM Sydney 2019 now progresses with NiP & mousesports getting eliminated. Fnatic, Liquid, NRG Esports & mibr battling for the title in the semi-finals.

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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