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FaZe claims IEM Sydney 2018

The European superteam has won the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney pretty convincingly after taking down Astralis 3-0 in the best-of-five grand-finals. FaZe picked up Cache and Train whereas Astralis chose to play Overpass and Inferno. Dust II was left over. FaZe Clan won the whopping sum of $100,000 USD securing the first place followed by Astralis, Mousesports and TyLoo respectively.

Astralis secured the finals-spot by qualifying from the upper-bracket and defeating mousesports in the best-of-three semi-finals. On the contrary, FaZe Clan came along all the way from the lower-bracket by defeating Fnatic and TyLoo in quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively.

Cache is basically one of the strongest map of the FaZe Clan. Eventually, it went down to overtime and Finn “karrigan” Anderson clucthed an insane post-plant 1vs2 against Nicolai “device” Reedtz and Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen to clinch the first map.

The second map was Overpass, Astralis’ pick, which FaZe Clan won in the second overtime after a nail-biting encounter and Emil “Magisk” Reif trying pretty hard to carry his side with fourty-bombs.

Astralis went on to a good start in the third map by securing it 11-4 on CT side in the first half of Train. Danish in-game-leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander had 23 kills in the first-half itself but nonetheless, they lost it 16-14.


IEM Sydney 2018 final standings:

1st. [flag country=”eu”] FaZe Clan – $100,000 USD

2nd. [flag country=”dk”] Astralis – $42,000 USD

3-4th. [flag country=”cn”] TyLoo – $20,000 USD

3-4th. [flag country=”eu”] mousesports – $20,000 USD

5-6th. [flag country=”se”] Fnatic – $10,000 USD

5-6th. [flag country=”us”] Renegades – $10,000 USD

7-8th. [flag country=”us”] Cloud 9 – $6,000 USD

7-8th. [flag country=”fr”] G2 Esports – $6,000 USD

9-12th. [flag country=”us”] NRG – $5,000 USD

9-12th. [flag country=”kr”] MVP.PK – $5,000 USD

9-12th. [flag country=”au”] Grayhound – $5,000 USD

9-12th. [flag country=”au”] ORDER – $5,000 USD

13-16th. [flag country=”au”] Legacy – $4,000 USD

13-16th. [flag country=”br”] SK Gaming – $4,000 USD

13-16th. [flag country=”sg”] B.O.O.T-d[S] – $4,000 USD

13-16th. [flag country=”au”]  Cheifs – $4,000 USD



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