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ESL Pro League To Continue in Previous CS2 Patch, With Overpass in Map Rotation

ESL Pro League Season 19 is currently underway, and some of the best Counter-Strike teams from throughout the globe are battling it out for a shot at the lion’s share of the USD 750,000 prize pool and a direct invite to IEM Cologne 2024.

With Valve dropping a major CS2 update in the middle of the event, fans of the competitive shooter were left wondering whether ESL would choose to replace Overpass with Dust 2 in the map rotation.

In only a few hours since the update dropped, ESL has already published a statement on the matter.

In the aforementioned Tweet, ESL confirmed that the tournament will continue to be played on the previous CS2 patch, and Overpass won’t be replaced by Dust 2 for the time being.

The statement reads, “After today’s CS2 update we would like to confirm that EPL S19 will continue to be played on the previous patch and the map pool will remain as is, including de_overpass.”

This also means that the players won’t be able to use the newly implemented left-hand viewmodels, bob improvements, and the Inferno changes will also not be seen in the event.

“A map switch mid-tournament would not be fair on Group C&D teams so we are not considering a map pool change for the remainder of EPL,” Head Counter-Strike referee for ESL Pro League, Michal Slowinski, said. “As for the current patch, updates (sometimes) come with unintended bugs. We will monitor the situation to see how stable it is before using it.”

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