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News Counter Strike: Global Offensive Everything you need to know about the New CSGO...

Everything you need to know about the New CSGO operation

The heavily anticipated operation 10 of CSGO might be arriving any day now.


Update: New CSGO Operation Broken Fang announced

Following a long wait of the CSGO community since the conclusion of Operation Shattered Web, it looks like the competitive shooter is about to receive its next operation. Recent leaks from several sources have confirmed that the tenth CSGO operation is about to arrive in the next few weeks, and fans are more excited than ever.

With the tenth operation right around the corner, CSGO players are growing eager to know what the upcoming operation has in store for them. If you’re curious about the features the new operation will bring to the table, you’re in the right place.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the tenth CSGO operation:

CSGO New Operation


The series of speculations initially started a few weeks ago when CSGO received a tiny update including a bunch of small translations and changes to item descriptions. Generally, these sorts of small updates are followed by bigger ones like a new operation. The same thing happened before Operation Shattered Web, which arrived in November 2019.

On November 7th, Dutch CSGO skin maker and level designer Julien ‘Hollandje’ Heesterman noticed a pattern between the small entries in the game database introduced a day before Operation Shattered Web and the entries it received on the previous update. He shared his observations through a tweet.

These speculations were further fueled by Norse, who claimed on Twitter that the next operation is “confirmed” and “will be released really soon.” He further said that he got the information confirmed days ago but chose to remain silent about it.

Finally, YouTuber VNN Tyler explained the list of new additions that we might be getting in the upcoming Operation. Here are the changes you can expect in the upcoming update:

  1. 1v1 Versus Mode: According to VNN Tyler, the update may introduce a new 1v1 game mode with the next operation. Considering the fact that the 2v2 Wingman mode was originally introduced through Operation Hydra, this is quite possible.
  1. New Danger Zone map ‘Frostbite’: The tenth operation is expected to be based around snow. The presence of a new Danger Zone map ‘Frostbite’ has already been found in the game files, which indicates that this map can arrive in the next update as a part of the operation. According to Tyler, this is “the most impressive Danger Zone map” he has ever seen.
  1. Remakes to the existing maps Office and Mirage: Leaks suggest that these two classic maps might be getting a major remake alongside the introduction of the new operation in the next update.
  1. New Danger Zone Utility – ‘Tripwire’: A new Danger Zone utility ‘Tripwire’ has been found in the game files. It’s unclear what this will do, but it will only be available to use in the Danger Zone mode.
  1. Survival-based ‘Dungeons’: Details on this new game mode are still not available, but it’s set to be a co-operative experience similar to the popular ‘co-op’ maps available to play in the Steam workshop.

To know more about the next operation in-depth, take a look at this video by VNN Tyler.

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