The next CSGO operation may be nearer than you think

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It has almost been a year since the last CSGO operation was introduced to the game in November 2019. The operation, known as Operation Shattered Wen, brought with it a heap of new features to the game, alongside four new skin collections.

It seems like some good news awaits the CSGO community once again, as the next operation may be arriving sooner than expected.

In the past, the operations have usually come after the devs wiped out the codes from previous updates, and as first reported by, that is happening once again right now.


Updates including translation and changes to item descriptions are ignored by the community but are generally followed by a major update. From September to November 2020, the steam.db page of CSGO shows several of these small updates being implemented to the game, which hints towards an Operation coming in the next few weeks.

Another possibility is that Valve has a major Haloween update planned for their shooter. While no official news has been revealed by them on this context, Valve has a history of organizing major Haloween events for their shooters CSGO and TF2.

Throughout the period of lockdown from the pandemic, Valve has continued to ship a stream of updates to CSGO, earning praise from fans worldwide. It has been a while since the last big update was shipped, though, furthering escalating the possibility of an oncoming operation in the next month.

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