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PMGC Week One Day Two Standings: Bigetron Dominates

PUBG Mobile Global Championship is the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile esports where best of the best gather to represent their region and nations. This tournament has a huge prize pool of $2 Million and finally, the league stage of this event have begun.

A whopping $700,000 prize pool is available for this stage and a total of 24 teams battle it out to win the lion’s share.

Teams from all around the world, including China, have gathered together to fight against one another and the level of competition is very high this time.

The PUBG Mobile tournaments were moved to online mode due to the prevailing pandemic and hence, various teams could not gather in one place for a single tournament.

This was the reason that PUBG Mobile World League – Season Zero was split in to two parts; East and West; but for this event, all major powerhouses are present and hence, a completely new meta has been observed.

The early expectations were that teams like 4AM and XQF will dominate this tournament but it turns out that these teams are having hard time while keeping up with others.

The first two days have been hard for a lot of teams and while some adjusted on the second day, Bigetron Red Aliens had a miraculous run as the team went on to decimate their opponents and climb to the top spot from a rock-bottom 18th position.

In a battle-royale game, maintaining the consistency is the hardest task and Bigetron could be called as masters of this art.

PMGC Day 2 Overall Standings:

Bigetron Red Aliens grabbed three chicken dinners today and claimed the top spot reserved for the champions.

The Western champions lie very close to the Eastern kings as Futbolist ended just 20 points below BTR. The league format for this tournament is very similar to previous one.

Top 16 teams at the end of day two of each week will proceed to play the super-weekend and only the points earnt in the latter half will be counted in the final standings table that will decide the prize pool distribution and grand finals seeding slots.

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