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New CS2 Update Introduces Skin Rentals, Reduces M4A4 & Incendiary Price

Valve has just shipped a major update to Counter-Strike 2, and it introduces several interesting changes to the competitive shooter.

Firstly, the new CS2 update aims to improve the CT-side economy by reducing the prices of the M4A4 and the Incendiary Grenade. The price of the M4A4 has been adjusted from $3100 to $3000, while the Incendiary Grenade has also seen a price reduction of $100, bringing it down from $600 to $500.

In addition to the price reduction, the Incendiary Grenade has been given a visual makeover by Valve, and it features new effects for its explosion and flames. Additionally, its spread and duration have been reduced, which makes it significantly weaker than its T-side alternative, the Molotov, which is available for just $400.

CS2 Players Can Now Rent Kilowatt Case Skins

Alongside the gameplay changes, the May 23rd CS2 update enables players to rent out all the skins from the Kilowatt Case, which is the latest case to be introduced to the game.

As per the official statement from Valve, “When you open a Kilowatt case with a key, you’ll be given the option to rent the whole collection for a week.” 

This implies that players will have the option to spend a case and a key to receive all the contents of the case for a week. However, players won’t be given the knives featured in the Kilowatt case if they choose to rent it.

Skin rentals will allow players to use the weapon skins freely for a week, but they cannot be modified with stickers or nametags.

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