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G2 Wins IEM Dallas 2024

m0NESY Shines as G2 Clinches IEM Dallas CS2 Championship

G2 completed their fairytale run at Dallas to clinch the IEM trophy off the back of an unreal victory over Team Vitality who were the best team coming into the tournament. With NiKo as IGL and rusty Stewie as a stand-in, G2 did it against the very best to win IEM Dallas.


  • G2 removed Vertigo
  • Vitality removed Ancient
  • G2 picked Inferno
  • Vitality picked Anubis
  • G2 removed Mirage
  • Vitality removed Dust2
  • Nuke was left over

Map 1: Inferno; Pick: G2; Winner: G2

G2 started strong with a pistol round victory and quickly converted the following 2 rounds before Vitality got on the board. The two teams traded rounds for a while before closing out the first half with a narrow 7-5 lead for G2.

In their offense, Vitality managed to find cracks in the G2 defense and seemed to be running away with the map before G2 put a few rounds together and pushed it over the line to an Overtime.

In the overtime, G2 had their individuals step up. huNter, NiKo, nexa, and m0nesy all had individual rounds that kept Vitality at bay, barely managing to keep them from winning the map. Despite being a well-drilled side, G2’s individual-inspired approach took them over the line by winning the map in the second OT with a scoreline of 19-16.

Map 2: Anubis; Pick: Vitality; Winner: Vitality

G2 is a team that has struggled to see success on this map while Vitality is one of the best teams to play Anubis. The difference in quality was readily apparent right from the get-go as G2 struggled to put together more than two rounds in a row. Despite being underprepared, that too with a stand-in, G2 managed to clinch 5 rounds before switching to their defense.

While Vitality seemed to be running away with the map, G2 kept bleeding rounds till finding themselves at a 12-5 deficit upon which they changed gears, boasting a more proactive CT side which led to them running it back and pushing it to OT off the back of moments of individual brilliance.

Once it was OT, Vitality did not look nearly as fazed as they were after losing 7 rounds in a row. G2’s string of rounds came to an end with Vitality letting only a single round slip, losing out on the map with a 16-13 scoreline.

Map 3: Nuke; Pick: Decider; Winner: G2

G2 kicked off the decider with a pistol round win which they capitalized on by winning 2 more rounds before Vitality put up a string of 6 rounds that saw them clinch a 6-3 round lead that got brushed off as G2 brought home the final two rounds of the half.

G2’s defence started as strong as it could have picking up 5 rounds in a row before Vitality managed to get two rounds but that’s all G2 let them have before closing out the map and the tournament with a 2-1 scoreline.

m0NESY bags his first HLTV and MVP in CS2 at IEM Dallas 2024 establishing himself as the best player in the world with a rating of 1.35.

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