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BGIS 2023 Main Event: All Qualified Teams From The Grind

After one month of intense action, Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS): The Grind has come to an end. With its conclusion, 64 top-tier teams have paved their way to enter the spotlight of the main event. As the anticipation grows, the battleground is set for intense competition and thrilling showdowns among some of the most skilled esports teams in the nation.

BGIS 2023 Main Event Seedings From The Grind

BGIS 2023 Main Event begins with Round 1, which is set to begin on 31st August. This stage sees 2048 teams that have qualified through in-game qualifiers vying for 480 slots in Round 2. However, the journey for teams qualified from BGIS 2023: The Grind only begins in Round 2 and Round 3. 

BGIS 2023 Main Event Round 2 Qualified Teams

Following the conclusion of Round 1, the spotlight then shifts to BGIS 2023 Main Event Round 2, which will take place between 7th and 10th September. The bottom 32 teams from BGIS 2023: The Grind Round 5 will play in the Round 2 alongside the 480 teams qualified from BGIS 2023 Main Event Round 1.  These 512 teams will be evenly distributed into 32 groups, each comprising 16 squads.  The top 7 teams from each group, totaling 224 teams, will progress to Round 3. Following are the 32 teams qualified for Round 2 from BGIS 2023: The Grind.

  1. Genesis Esports
  2. Revenant Esports
  3. 4 Aggressive Man
  4. Ruling Since 80’s
  5. TF5X7Hills Esports
  6. Liquid Esports
  7. Revenge Esports
  8. Team Mayhem
  9. OR Esports
  10. Team Godlike
  11. Mavericks
  12. Team Tamilas
  13. 7Habit
  14. War Mania Esports
  15. Reckoning Esports
  16. Velocity Gaming
  17. Team Psyche
  18. Spy Esports
  19. R4W Official
  20. Galactic Gamers
  21. Intrepid Esports
  22. GE Phoenix
  23. Spyder Esports
  24. RVNC Esports
  25. NoRulesXtreme
  26. Orangutan
  27. Skulltz Esports
  28. Team Tribal Esports
  29. Do or Die
  30. XNOR Esports
  31. Error Esports
  32. Team Rebel

BGIS 2023 Main Event Round 3 Qualified Teams

Round 3 will take the center stage from 14th to 17th September. This round will witness a clash between the top 32 teams from BGIS 2023: The Grind Round 5 and the 224 teams that qualified from BGIS 2023 Main Event Round 2. A total of 256 teams will be distributed in 16 groups, each consisting of 16 teams. Top four teams from each group, a total of 64 teams, will advance to the next stage of the tournament. Following are the 32 teams qualified for Round 3 from BGIS 2023: The Grind.

  1. Chemin Esports
  2. CS Esports
  3. Hyderabad Hydras
  4. Growing Strong
  5. Team Soul
  6. Acid Esports
  7. Aslaaa Esports
  8. Blind Esports
  9. LOC Esports
  10. Medal Esports
  11. The World of Battle
  12. Gujarat Tigers
  13. Autobotz Esports
  14. FS Esports
  15. Marcos Gaming
  16. Gladiators Esports
  17. Hindustan Gaming
  18. X7 Wolves
  19. Big Brother Esports
  20. Midwave Esports
  21. Redemption Crew
  22. Signify Esports
  23. Hub Esports
  24. Team Mayavi
  25. WSB Gaming
  26. Lucknow Giants
  27. Team VST
  28. Bloodrose Esports
  29. Team Silent Killers
  30. X7 Officials
  31. Gods Reign
  32. Dragon Esports

As the BGIS 2023 unfolds, it promises not only thrilling contests among the nation’s finest esports teams but also an unparalleled viewing experience for fans and enthusiasts. With the stage set for exceptional gameplay and the unique collaboration with JioCinema, the tournament is poised to redefine esports in India.

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