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Valorant Act 3 Competitive Changes; details inside

The hype for the upcoming Act 3 of Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant is increasing as its release date draws near. The new Act, which is scheduled to arrive on October 13th, will bring a number of new changes to the competitive atmosphere of the game, as confirmed by the devs in an episode of ‘Dev Diaries’.

The prime change that the competitive mode in the shooter will undergo is the restriction of ranked queue from six ranks to only three. For instance, if you’re ranked Diamond 3 in the game, you’ll only be matched against people whose ranks range from Platinum 3 to Immortal 3.

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This can be a problem if you’re planning to play with your friends with a high rank difference, and Riot has promised that they’re developing a workaround for this.

Another new aspect of Act 3 will be the freedom of players to choose servers. Before queuing for a match, players will be given the ability to choose their preferred server. However, Riot couldn’t guarantee that players would always be matched at their preferred servers if there’s a low count of players queuing for that server at a given time.

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Besides these changes, Riot has also left a number of hints over the past few weeks to indicate the possibility of a new agent and even a new map being added to Valorant in Act 3. While no official confirmation has been made by Riot as of yet, fans are eager to find out who this new agent might be.

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