A player called “Daddy Calling” has accused Free Fire of suspending his account which was claimed to be at “Highest Level in India Server.” This ban has caused a lot of turmoil in the Indian and South Asian Free Fire community as lots of supporters are taking a stand against this action and calling out Garena, the developers of Free Fire, for their unjustified actions.

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Bye bye free fire 👋👋

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“Daddy Calling” was the nickname of a player whose in-game ID was level 85. This is said to be the highest level attained for any player in India and quite hard to achieve. The player expressed his grief via Instagram stories and accused Free Fire of imposing ban on his account without any reason.

For a player to reach level 85, it requires a lot of hard grind and money, according to the player and his supporters. While his efforts are evident, the support “Daddy Gaming” has been receiving is immense. After he posted an Instagram story announcing the ban news and other details, the Free Fire community instantly responded with supportive messages and posts. Several gaming YouTuber active in Free Fire took a stance and reached out to their audience for a hand of support for the player.

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In a post, “Daddy Calling” mentions that his Free Fire ID which was highest ranked as per the level in India has been suspended. Free Fire did not mention any reason for the ban and hence the player has been accusing them of unjust actions. He is also calling out some unnamed YouTubers who gained fame on his name and do not stand by his side when he needs the support.

While Free Fire is yet to comment on this issue, banning such a high profile player without any reason, as claimed, is quite absurd. One can expect an explanation on the game’s decision to ban one of the faces of Free Fire India community.