Shroud releases his shocking agent tier list from Valorant

Mixer’s most popular streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek gave out his agent tier list for Valorant’s competitive scene. The rankings as per him will surely amaze you, let’s have a look.

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During one of his recent streams, former CS:GO pro player and popular streamer on Mixer, Shroud was asked to rank all the agents in Valorant in a certain kind of tier list. Shroud then a proper rundown for all the agents, from the strongest to the weakest and also in terms of the impact of each agent’s abilities Ever since Valorant’s closed beta got released on 7th of April, players from the entire regions have been trying really hard to get a grip of Riot’s new tactical FPS. Learning the map, the new recoil pattern of weapons, timings of things and most importantly learning how to use the abilities of the Agents is Valorant is surely present a decent challenge to all the players in the game. Every agent has their own unique ability that you can combine with the abilities of the other agents on the team through good communication & coordination to win matches.

Shroud revealed that his three main picks would be Cypher, Sage and Sova followed by agents like Brimstone, Phoenix, and Breach. Viper comes in 7th position, Omen at 8th and Jett in 9th position respectively whereas automatically putting Raze at the 10th position. He then went on to say that these rankings are based on agent’s impacts for Valorant’s competitive scene and also in terms for coordination and team balance these agents can bring on the table in case of a proper matchup.

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Shroud added by saying that Raze should get some sort of a nerf to avoid players spamming her every game due to the easy mechanics of the agent. I guess we all will have to wait for the official release of Valorant (set for the summer of 2020) so as to get a better idea if there are some changes coming on their way for the agent’s abilities.

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