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Everything you need to know about VALORANT

What kind of game is Valorant? When it’s releasing? What are the characters that are in this game? Let’s put an 8x focus on this game overall.

Valorant is a brand new tactical “First Person Shooter” game developed by Riot Games that is set to compete with other FPS giants such as Overwatch and CS: GO. Valorant was first announced under the title “Project A” and after the overwhelming response it’s getting by the players globally, the game has certainly created a lot of buzz in the FPS gaming community.

In Valorant, there are characters/agents each having their own unique abilities to create a bigger impact on the battlefield. Recently Riot invited a handful of streamers and influencers to try out the game, and they totally loved it and gave the game a thumb up from their side! Now let’s talk a little bit about the draft and selection.

Once you start queue and get a match, you will be in a character selection screen where you will have to select your agent, only one agent can be chosen by each player and there won’t be two similar agents in a single team. It’s a best of 25 rounds and the first team to win 13 rounds wins. After 12 rounds the sides are switched. Each round consists of three phases: Preparation, Actual Fight, Pick-up (you get to pick up the weapon of your choice from the ground, timer of 6 seconds). Now let’s shed light on the economy in the game.

In Valorant, you basically have to buy the weapons with credits earned by you from last round. The weapons range from 200 to 4500 credits each, also you need to purchase agent abilities as well in order to use them (and you start with 800 credits). At the beginning of each round, the agent will have 1 signature ability unlocked (the ability which will be unlocked depends from agent to agent). In order to open an agents “Ultimate”, you need 6 ultimate points (can be gained by getting kills, by planting or defusing the spike and by collecting ult spheres; only 2 of these in the map). With all this information, you are ready to play your first Valorant game! Also,the game has several training modes to enhance your reacting time and skills.

Anuj Rautela
Anuj Rautelahttp://www.talkesport.com
Anuj "BLaSToiS3" Rautela, a MOBA-esports player, played competitively in Arena of Valor, creator of the team "ExDee Gaming" which represented India at Asian Games 2018. A true fitness-freak! & loves to create content; coding when bored.


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