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Opinion: Characters in VALORANT are like the ones in PALADIN? Let’s go through them

Riot's new FPS game Valorant has already created a buzz in the market, it looks similar to CS:GO, however it has a roster of different characters with unique abilities. Is it a better version of Paladins? Let's find out about the characters revealed so far and their abilities!

The frequency with which Valorant’s characters and their abilities are being put on display by Riot Games, it seems like Valorant beta is not far away. We have already seen a lot of gameplay, trailers and game modes from Riot’s Project A: Valorant. Riot has so far announced 8 different characters, some of their abilities can be seen on gameplay previews on YouTube, let’s take a close look at these 8 characters one by one.

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Ability 1 (Incendiary): Launches a grenade which deploys a damage field of fire

Ability 2 (Stim Beacon): Targets a close-by location to call in the beacon, giving all the players near the beacon rapidfire (some sort of ally buff)

Ability 3 (Special: Sky Smoke): Uses the map to call in smokescreens that diminishes vision, click to set the locations and then confirm to launch

Ability 4 (Ultimate: Orbital Strike): Targets a nearby location, launches a devastating orbital strike which damages the enemies for several seconds


Ability 1 (Hot Hands): Throws a fireball which explodes after a short delay on getting in touch with the ground. The fire zone damages the enemies but heals Phoenix in return

Ability 2 (Blaze): Casts a flame wall which blocks the enemy vision and wounds everyone passing through it. The wall can be bent as per choice

Ability 3 (Special: Curveball): Casts a curved flare which bursts into light after a short delay of time, it temporarily blinds everyone and can be curved right and left

Ability 4 (Ultimate: Run it Back): Marks your current location & if you die while this ability is active, or when it expires, you’ll respawn at your marked location with full health.


Ability 1 (Cloudburst): Throws a cloud of fog that blocks vision on the impact.

Ability 2 (Updraft): Launch Jett upwards after a short delay.

Ability 3 (Special: Tailwind): Dashes a short distance in the intended direction.

Ability 4 (Ultimate: Blade Storm): Throw deadly knives which deal damage and kills on a headshot. Kill restores daggers, while left click throws a single dagger and the right click throws all the left out daggers.


Ability 1 (Slow Orb): An orb that diffuses into a slowing field on impact with the ground, all enemies caught in the field are grounded, slowed and makes noise on moving.

Ability 2 (Barrier Orb): A rotatable wall.

Ability 3 (Special: Healing Orb): Heals yourself or an ally to full health over a few seconds.

Ability 4 (Ultimate: Resurrection): Targets a friendly corpse, after a short delay Sage will revive them with full health.


Ability 1 (Trapwire): Places a tripwire between any two walls, when triggered enemies are revealed & restrained for a short duration of time.

Ability 2 (Cyber Cage): Places a remote activation trap, creates a cage on re-activation of ability that slows the enemies who pass through it. Traps can be detonated.

Ability 3 (Special: Spycam): Places a remote camera, once placed reactive the ability to view the video feed.

Ability 4 (Ultimate: Neural Theft): Once an enemy is killed, information regarding the location of their allies can be extracted.


Ability 1 (Snakebite): Fires a projectile which on exploding forms into a pool of acid that does damage.

Ability 2 (Poison Cloud): Throws a cloud of gas which can be reactivated(costs fuel) to create a smoke cloud.

Ability 3 (Special: Toxic Screen): Deploys a line of gas that can be reactivated(costs fuel) to generate a wall of toxic gas.

Ability 4 (Ultimate: Viper’s Pit): A toxic cloud covers a very large radius and highlights enemies to Viper, the time period of the cloud extends if Viper remains in the cloud itself.


Ability 1 (Paranoia): Casts a shadow in a straight line which blinds everyone it touches.

Ability 2 (Shadow Walk): Teleports a short distance after some delay.

Ability 3 (Special: Dark Cover): Casts an orb that bursts into a ring of shadow concealing the final location.

Ability 4 (Ultimate: From the Shadows): Select any position on the map to teleport and reform, will appear as a shadow initially, which can then be killed by the enemies and will cancel the teleport. You become invisible for a short time if the teleport is successful.


Ability 1 (Shock Bolt): Fire an explosive bolt which damages enemies on impact.

Ability 2 (Owl Drone): Deploys and controls a drone that reveals enemies all around the map.

Ability 3 (Special: Recon Bolt): Fire a bolt that deploys a sonar emitter in the air and tags nearby enemies, also revealing them.

Ability 4 (Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury): Fires up to three energy blasts that move across the entire map and each hit enemy is marked & takes damage.

After going through all these characters & abilities, one thing which can be said for sure is that Valorant is likely a combination of CS:GO and Paladins. Just like Paladins, Valorant’s characters will have classes and their abilities will mostly be based on the type of class they belong to. In Paladins, there are mainly 4 classes: Front Line, Damage, Support & Flank. Will Valorant also have characters based on a certain type of class, we will find out once the beta is out.

Till then stay tuned to this article as we will be updating it further once a new character comes out!

Anuj Rautela
Anuj Rautelahttp://www.talkesport.com
Anuj "BLaSToiS3" Rautela, a MOBA-esports player, played competitively in Arena of Valor, creator of the team "ExDee Gaming" which represented India at Asian Games 2018. A true fitness-freak! & loves to create content; coding when bored.


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