Riot Games developers announced today that they have banned a bunch of Valorant beta account sellers and bottters to help more and more players to get a chance to play the game through entitlements. Riot has also given a warning not to buy accounts claiming to have the access to the closed beta for Valorant as they can be banned as well by them.


This announcement of bans on such an activity was applauded and praised by all the fans that are yet to get a shot at playing the game. Also, VALORANT streaming on major platforms has sky-rocketed the game’s popularity.

Riot updated the fans about what’s mentioned above, and it clearly makes the series of bans a good sign for all the players around the world that are eagerly waiting to play the game. Valorant’s closed beta is set to continue for several months thereby allowing more of their fans to play the game before the global launch. Let’s see when the rest of Valorant fans get the access to play the game.