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VALORANT Fans Flooding Streams With Fake Accounts to Get Beta Access

Fans are making it clear how much they want to get their hands on a Valorant beta key

Ever since Valorant was first announced by Riot Games back in October 2019, an enormous amount of hype started circulating around it. Many thought that the hype would be temporary and would eventually die out as the actual release of the game approached near. But fans of the franchise had other plans.

On 31st March, the Valorant team announced that the game would enter its closed beta on 7th April. However, the closed beta wasn’t for everyone. The process of entering the closed beta of the game was different from usual. Normally, you’d just sign up at the official website of the game and you’d have a beta key ready in your email by the time the closed beta starts. But Riot decided to spice things up a bit by changing the rules.

To acquire a beta key, users would have to link their Twitch accounts with their Valorant accounts and watch specific Valorant streams on Twitch. Also, due to the unfortunate COVID-19 outbreak across the world, the Valorant closed beta would be limited to Europe, Canada, Turkey, Russia, and the United States.

With the release of the closed beta today, the Valorant viewer count skyrocketed. Within only a few hours the competitive shooter reached 1.6 million viewers on Twitch. Such a massive viewer count on Valorant streams might just be due to the ongoing hype around the game, but there was more to it. 

Upon inspecting the viewer lists of summit1g’s stream closely it’s apparent that a lot of people are trying to farm beta keys using multiple fake accounts. The key farmers aren’t even trying to hide this fact which is obvious from their awfully sketchy names like “Gibvalorant1”, “Gibvalorant2”, “Gibvalorant3” and so on…

Now we aren’t sure how successful they are in their attempts to get their hands on those Valorant beta keys but it’s evident that a good portion of the 1.6 million viewers of Valorant are fake accounts. This further shows exactly how far fans are willing to go to be able to play the game and it directly points to a bright future of this esport title by Riot.

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