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Fortnite Pro Tfue Calls Out Valorant For Being ‘Slow’ And ‘Boring’, says it’s a game for “old people”

The 22 year old streamer sent out a flurry of hate directed towards the competitive shooter by Riot Games.

The initial days of the beta release of Valorant saw the game break several records as it glided through the Twitch charts to the very top with a whopping 1.7 million peak concurrent viewers. With all the hype and attention the title by Riot is getting, the game has received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and critics alike. From ex-CSGO pros to popular streamers like Shroud, almost everyone is certain about this game having a bright future. Amid all the praise that this game is getting, Fortnite pro and streamer Tfue has stood up and given his honest but harsh opinion on this first-person shooter.

In multiple Twitch clips, Tfue can be seen expressing his disinterest towards the game by saying things like “It’s pretty fucking boring dude.” He also mentioned that while Valorant is a “good game,” the game is so “boring” that “It’s for like, older people for sure.”

Tfue is used to playing fast-paced games like Fortnite where you just drop down and try to kill everyone inside a rapidly shrinking arena. It’s not very surprising a player of that genre might dislike a tactical shooter like Valorant, which according to Tfue is more “strategy-based”. 

Valorant also requires players in both teams to communicate with each other in order to win rounds, which Tfue didn’t like either. “I don’t like playing on a team with people, I just like 1v1,” he said.

Tfue wasn’t the first one to show his disdain towards the game. Dr. Disrespect was also seen criticizing Valorant earlier and Summit1g, despite streaming the game regularly can be seen getting frustrated at times with the character skills from the game.

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