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Valorant Devs Ban Their First Cheater, Says More to Come

The hype around Valorant had started to build up way back when the devs first promised to bring 128 tick servers, performance optimization for low-end PCs and a world-class anti-cheat. Within days of the release of the closed beta of Valorant on April 7th, Riot are all finished making it clear that they’re gonna keep their promises.

Anti-cheat is something that the competitors of this first-person shooter have always struggled with. Valorant’s primary rival as an esport, CS:GO has an anti-cheat that is infamous for not being able to catch a good number of blatant cheaters who play a big role in ruining the game. A good anti-cheat from the devs of Valorant might just be the push it needs to get an edge over the other games in its genre.

In under 3 days of the release of the closed beta, Paul Chamberlain, the lead of the anti-cheat team of Valorant has come out on Twitter to announce that they have successfully banned their first cheater. He further ensured the players of the game that there are “more bans on the horizon.”

According to him the fight against cheaters kicked off sooner than they had expected, but that won’t be a problem for the team as he claims that they’re “in it now” and they’re “ready”.

Previously, Paul Chamberlain was seen answering questions about the anti-cheat of the game in a Reddit thread. Back then, Chamberlain had mentioned in a comment that they’re proud of the work they’ve done on their anti-cheat. And with Valorant banning their first cheater in such a short time span of its release, it’s certain that the anti-cheat team behind the game are off to a terrific start!

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