With the closed beta release of Valorant on April 7th, the viewer count across Valorant streams on Twitch skyrocketed as they reached the previous record of 1.7 million viewers in just a few hours. The competitive shooter by Riot easily broke the all time peak concurrent viewer record of CS:GO and eventually reached the world record which was held by Fortnite and League of Legends.

The primary reason behind this influx of viewers was the way Riot decided to distribute their beta keys for the game. They decided to hand out beta keys only to players who link their Twitch and Valorant accounts and watch specific Valorant streams on Twitch for a minimum time period. Due to this same reason a lot of players even made several fake accounts to farm beta keys on streams.

Dr. Disrespect, who was seen criticising Valorant earlier saw this as a very good opportunity to get more viewers in his stream. He started streaming the game with the title “DROPS ALL DAY” although he didn’t have drops enabled in his stream. This made viewers who actually got the beta key drop from other streams think that they got it while watching his stream and Dr. Disrespect can be seen cheering one such guy in this clip.

Riot soon went ahead and said that the beta access drops out in waves and you don’t have to be watching any drop-enabled streams at the time to be able to get one as long as you’ve watched at least 2 hours of a drop enabled stream before.

The incident soon surfaced to Reddit and fans were furious regarding the incident. When he was called out on his lies by Travis Gattford – an interviewer – this is how Dr. Disrespect replied: