The patch for Fortnite that came on the 8th of April focused towards fixing the performance issues in the battle royale game instead of adding any new content. As the new season is very close and the Deadpool event going strong, there was not much to add.

Speculations are that in the nearby future there could be some interesting changes coming to the game. The data miners have uncovered the possibly new items that are ready to be added in the upcoming patches.

Spedicey1 discovered 5 new items in an empty-looking 8 April update. However, they only exist as code strings right now in the game files and have no images available for them. The unreleased items that were discovered comprise a Rocket Launcher, a Chug Stand, a Clone Machine, Tornado Grenades, and itemized Upgrade Stations.

Here’s his tweet mentioning all the 5 items:

However, the items that get added in the game files doesn’t always gets into the hands of the players as chances are some of these items never are never released in upcoming patches so let’s see which of these predicted items get to enter the battle zone in Fortnite.