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Rejin released from Mousesports over coaching bug abuse

Mousesports will be parting part ways with coach Allan “Rejin” Petersen, following ESIC’s detailed report. The coach was hit with a harsh ban of 19.8 months for abusing the spectator bug during his time in Tricked Esports. 

The 31-year old will bid farewell to the mouz family for exploiting the bug in 2017-2019. Mouseports took to twitter to announce the head coach’s departure from the team. 

The organization previously announced the suspension of the coach on Sep 4, when he admitted to abusing the glitch. However, ESIC’s verdict has convinced the organization to get rid of the coach permanently.

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Rejin’s services have propelled the team to many wins, including ESL One pro league season 10. The organization confirmed that players had no knowledge regarding Rejin’s past experiences and that his bug abuse was limited to his time in Tricked. 

“None of our players nor staff were aware of the past incidents. Even tho we believe Allan has played fair ever since joining mouz and greatly regrets his past decisions, we decided to suspend him from all his duties in our team until a full investigation has been concluded,” mouseports announced

Despite going coach less, the team managed to acquire the fourth position in ESL Pro League Season 12, which warrants a bright future for the roster. It’s still unclear whether the team will start hunting for a new coach or continue under Finn “karrigan” Andersen leadership in upcoming events.  

Rejin’s future remains uncertain

ESIC’s investigation has unveiled many cases of coaching bug abuse. The elaborate report saw 37 coaches banned from the competitive scene for different periods of time. Some coaches came forward with their confessions during the early investigation. Rejin was one of the coaches who confessed and collaborated as soon as ESIC started digging into the matter. 

The Danish Mousesports coach was found to abuse the bug in more than one instance. The coach was handed a ban of 19.8 months, the lengthiest punishment rendered by ESIC. His confession earned him a concession of 45%, although, generous use of bug across different maps has the coach in hot waters. 

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ESIC’s heavy-handed punishment doesn’t help Rejin’s uncertain future. While coaches like Nicholas “guerri” Nogueira, Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen, and Slaava “Twista” Räsänen are getting a second chance from their organizations, Rejin’s repeated abuse of bug has put his future in jeopardy.

Mousesports expressed its sadness over the coach’s departure but further emphasized that Esports integrity comes first.

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