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Nearly an hour after its debut Valorant Invitational event, Nodwin Gaming is back with yet another series for the same, termed as “Valorant Agni Series” As of now, the organization has just disclosed a link to their website where teams can register for the 1st Qualifier scheduled to start from 4th Aug till 17th Aug. In total there will be 4 Qualifiers held by Nodwin followed by one Grand Finale affair. Details regarding the qualifiers and the brackets haven’t been yet released by the company.

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The Prize pool for the same will feature a hefty amount of ₹625,000. Nodwin has planned to divide this Prize pool for 2 sets of series, one for the actual tournament and other for the “Influencers”.

Snapshot via Nodwin Gaming

The winner from every qualifier progresses to the playoffs, the ones eliminated by these teams will settle for a sum of 25k INR. The grand final winner will be loaded with a lion’s share of ₹150,000 in their Bag.

If you wish to participate along with your team, the form to register is just a click away.

This tournament will feature Valorant’s newly launched Act II where a new agent has been released by Riot games, KILLJOY

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