Team V3nom started the match off on the right foot, securing a quick 4-1 lead on their Attacking side pistol with a B site execution where Akshay “KappA” Sinkar and Abhijeet “Robo” sadhu pierced through Global Esports’s defence. But after getting their economy back on track, GE did manage to hold off their opponents two rounds in a row, bringing the deficit down to 4-4, thanks to Vatsal “Nghtmre2k” Uniyal’s unexpected A site defence where he shut down the plans of the Spike carrier and his troops who previously tried to fake the B site.

But Team V3nom made sure to neutralize this humiliation which was anchored by Ankit “V3nom” Panth the captain himself, who quickly opened the A site with some quick entries hence culminating his efforts into an Ace. After settling on a score of 5-7 on the switch, GE did try to lay their dominance but failed as they were stopped by the reinforcements set up by Ankit and his men. Collective efforts from Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar and Robo finally pushed it over the line for their team hence clinching the map Bind, 13-6.

The second map which started on Split seemed to barely be a contest for Global Esports after being constantly sniped by Simar “Psy” Sethi in the middle powered by Excali and his horrendous rifle rounds. A massive team fight did transition GE’s efforts on the board as they managed to bag a round in their favor.

With little room for error, Excali and Robo made sure about GE not running away with yet another round win as the latter were seen cursing their luck due to some network issues and outages. With Vatsal “Nghtmre2k” and his men looking destitute and listless, Split saw a barely contested first half for the former as they got simply out-aimed and out-gunned by Team V3nom.

Despite Nghtmre2k’s trying to hard-carry his team to map three, Team V3nom did put Global Esports out of its misery by winning the game 13-1 thus winning Nodwin’s Valornt Invitational and walking away with a big chunk of 75K INR from the prize money.

Thumbnail Via: Nodwin Gaming

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