CSGO: Team Liquid sign Grim

Team Liquid have announced that they have completed the signing of Michael "⁠Grim⁠" Wince from Triumph

As reported earlier by Jarek “Dekay” Lewis, Michael “Grim” Vince is all set to open for Team Liquid as the North American Organization has permanently replaced nitr0 with the 19yo prodigy.

Before being picked by Team Liquid, Grim was seen anchoring the weight for his now-former team Triumph, where he was known for his precise aim and valiant efforts. He rose to the supremacy after some brilliant exhibits against top-rated teams in North America which do include Cloud9, Evil Geniuses and Gen.G at events like the Blast Premier Americas Showdown and cs_summit 6 NA Regional Qualifier as well.

With over a rating of 1.30 from key tournaments, Michael has now been summoned by one among the prestigious teams in NA, for filling in the void that nitr0 left after he decided to step down from the roster.

Grim will play his debut match for Team Liquid at the DreamHack Open Summer event which is scheduled to kick from 8th of August onwards. Co-incidentally he will be facing his former teammates who join Liquid in the same group followed by Ze PUG Godz and Chaos which is currently led by Joshua “Steel” Nissan and his men.

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