Valorant: Riot disables Ascent map in competitive mode due to Faulty Wall exploit

Exploit on Ascent has forced it out of the queue.

Valorant on their Twitter have addressed about a wall bug on their Map Ascent because of which they have decided to temporarily discontinue it from the match-making algorithm.

This issue was first brought under light by Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas when he reported a clip from Martin “Hiko” Spencer’s stream. In the clip, it is seen that, as Hiko is about to push catwalk with his team, the planted turret of his began to pick something. To his surprise he didn’t see anyone pass through the A-mains but instead the turret was trying to signal an enemy who was hiding in right side connector. It was later revealed that one of his teammates did take down one who was actually hiding over there. One can clearly assess from the clip attached below.

In the comments section, yet another similar case was reported by a Twitter user where he was able to revive a guy who was dead on the other side of the wall.

This was done by him in a custom game which clearly defines that the wall behind the “Right Side Connector” area is reportedly bugged and needs to be fixed as soon as possible by Riot before the community starts exploiting it. But we can surely bank on the Developer team at Riot as Anna Donlon, Executive Director of Valorant did revert to this on Mixwell’s Tweet.