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Mika Daime accused of using aimbot in Valorant by wardell, Player 1

Pro TSM Valorant player Matt ‘Wardell’ Yu is one of the most revered stars in the Valorant scene when it comes to championing the agent Jett. So, when the 22-year-old came across the clip from Mika Daime, he was intrigued. Wardell reacted to the clip on his Twitch stream in what he labeled as a clear aimbot and potential use of walls as well.

UPDATE: Riot Developer has confirmed, Mika is a fair player of the game and hasn’t been indulge into any misdoings.

The same hackusation has been thrown on Mika Daime for the clip by Gen.G Valorant pro Keven ‘Player 1’ Champagne.


The streamer in question, Mika Daime, is a popular personality in the Facebook Gaming Community with over 130,000 followers on the platform. However, the clip in question does indict her in so many ways, with the kill on Cypher being a clear justification for the indignation that can be seen in the comment section of the said clip posted on her Facebook page.

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Riot Games have iterated time and again of the effectiveness of Vanguard and its efficiency in terms of numbers. However, it seems there are players who are still able to evade the intrusive Anticheat program.

Mika Daime on the other has pleaded her innocence in her own comment section while encouraging people and Riot Games to review her VODs if the clip does create doubt beyond reason.

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