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Filipino Valorant Streamer Mika Daime’s Cheating Allegations Are False: Riot Dev

Filipino Valorant streamer and content creator Mika Daime was accused of using aimbot and wallhacks by professional players Matt ‘Wardell’ Yu and Keven ‘Player 1’ Champagne.

TSM star Wardell and Gen.G’s Player 1 are undoubtedly one of the finest Valorant players in the world, but it turns out they might not be so good at identifying cheaters in the shooter.

Both of the Valorant pros were seen accusing Mika Daime, a Filipino content creator, of using cheats like aimbot and wallhack when they came across a clip from the streamer.

Daime is a celebrated personality on Facebook Gaming and rocks a follower count of over 138,000. 

The clip soon surfaced on Reddit where the accusations resonated further.

The allegations got to a point where Riot finally decided to intervene.


“Normally, we don’t want to add to the publicity of any individual case, but because this one’s getting a little out of hand: Mika is innocent,” a Riot Dev confirmed. “We’ve completed a thorough investigation of Mika’s gameplay, and while the clips might be suspicious individually, we’re confident that cheating software was not utilized for the accused sessions.”

However, it appears like a lot players didn’t agree to Riot’s decision. The dev’s comment was showered with downvotes within minutes it was put up.

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