Over the past few months, Imane “Pokimane” Anys has repeatedly found herself amid controversies due to a number of different reasons. One of her recent statements that have sparked debates across social media platforms is a remark the 24-year-old made on her Instagram involving ‘simps’.

In the context of calling men ‘simps’ simply for being ‘decent males’, Pokimane’s Instagram story which was posted on 29th September said, “it was funny maybe 2 years ago, and you know what, dudes really do be simpin LMAO, but I’m tired of seeing anyone (male, female, attack helicopter, other) be called a simp for being remotely nice to a girl.”

It didn’t take long for her “attack helicopter” comment to be perceived as transphobic by viewers, some of whom resorted to Twitter to share their thoughts on her story.

“Ah I knew Pokimane was transphobic,” a Twitter user said. “It’s 2020, attack helicopter ain’t f**king funny. Stop invalidating trans people.”

As her statement started receiving more and more backlash from viewers, an apology from Pokimane followed.

Pokimane shared a post through her Instagram apologizing for her previous remark. “I so clearly missed the mark with this and I’m really sorry to anyone I’ve hurt or offended,” the Twitch star said. “I didn’t use the term ‘attack helicopter’ in a transphobic manner, and was ignorant of its history which is entirely my fault.”

She attached her Instagram post with a link to a donation for a homeless black trans women fund, which showed she was sincere with her apology.

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