Fortnite Glitch is making players lose their gold bars

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Epic Games have always been known for giving out surprises in their updates including various famous crossovers of celebrities as well as sports stars. Although, this time their popular battle royale game Fortnite is facing a glitch that is causing players to lose their gold bars.

Players are usually seen collecting these gold bars by completing different which includes opening safes and defeating opponents. The gold bars help them to hire NPCs as allies, purchase exotic weapons or upgrade weaponry. Everyone tries to keep it as safe as they can from their opponents.

However, a recent glitch in the game has caused a sudden disappearance of the gold bars of the players and everyone is clueless on why this is happening. 

People have started writing posts on Reddit saying all of their gold bars are suddenly gone and they can’t buy anything in the game.

After seeing massive reports on the missing gold bars, Fortnite tweeted that the development team is investigating an issue where players may start a game with 0 bars. 

Later on, Fortnite updated saying that the issues have now been resolved and the players can now see their bar counts. The gold bars collected in a match will carry over to the next game. 

Season 7 of Fortnite brings out new quests for all the players including shooting down a UFO, eliminating alien trespassers, and destroying computer equipment which was covered in the previous article.

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