Velocity Gaming wins VCC India Qualifier 1

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The finals of the most awaited Valorant Conqueror Championship India Qualifiers #1 ended with Velocity Gaming defeating Global Esports. Team VLT won the first India qualifiers with 3-1. Now VLT has become the first team to enter the playoffs of the Valorant Conquerors Championships from India. Although, Global Esports also got seeded to VCC Wildcard qualifiers for finishing 2nd in the India Qualifiers #1.

VALORANT Conquerors Championship a qualifying tournament for South Asian players. The teams would qualify for the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers as part of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour. According to the official press release, teams will compete in multiple sub-regional qualifiers from which the winning team will make their way to the APAC Last Chance Qualifier.

India Qualifiers #1: Map Selection

  • Ban – Haven (Global Esports)
  • Pick – Icebox (Velocity Gaming)
  • Pick – Bind (Global Esports)
  • Pick – Ascent (Velocity Gaming)
  • Pick – Breeze (Global Esports)
  • Decider – Split


Global Esports started as the attackers in the first map of the finals. Team VLT took the lead in the first four rounds, but the first half ended with 7-4 against Global Esports. VLT again got the lead with 4 wins in the second half whereas Team GE managed 5 rounds win but were not enough to get the win over Velocity Gaming. 

Final Score: 13-10 (VLT wins)


Getting the win in their first game, boosted the confidence of the team. Global Esports could get their first win in the fourth round. GE used this win as their comeback and ended the first half with 8-4 in their favor. But the second half completely got turned by Team Velocity. The team didn’t gave any chance to Team GE and took the win at the end of the game.

Final Score: 13-10 (VLT wins)


This was a must-win game for Global Esports to keep their hopes high to get the champions title. Team GE completely dominated the game and finished the first half with 9-3. Getting over to the second half with a six-round lead helped the team to win the third game.

Final Score: 13-6 (GE wins)


Velocity Gaming needed just one game to become the VCC India Qualifiers #1 champions. On the other hand, Global Esports had do or die situation. The first half ended with 6-6, not favoring any team. The second half went into overtime (OT) with Velocity Gaming taking the game.

Final Score: 14- 12 (VLT wins)

Nepal and Bhutan Qualifiers are next in line. With the registrations already going on, teams could join the event till 15th July 2021. 

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